Back Roads Haiku

My back roads are unpaved, quiet, undeveloped, dusty in the summer and muddy in the spring. Walk along any of them and you are likely to see old family cemeteries, stone walls, streams, ponds, and a variety of flora and fauna. It's where I live, and the source of most of these haiku.

day moon -

getting change

at the farmer’s market


thinking back

withered wildflowers

in the guest room


she’s still ticklish, , , 

corn tassels tease

the clouds along

what it takes… 

the ease of a trout

facing the current


her laugh 

as we walk among

melancholic wildflowers



the first cool feel

of my pillow

a small field

all gone to goldenrod

- august sun setting

from deep 

within the milky way

…this evening coolness


that moon

it knows of autumn dew

on fading rose petals


when autumn comes

to follow the scent

to this orchard


at the same time…

the cricket and firefly


heat lightning

there…in the night

the old oak



star gazing

with us

lace curtains

in a breeze

 - tacit afternoon

summer dust road

an old dog

keeping up


of what he missed

in the sunday sermon

 - manure wagon


choir practice

geese find the pond

by the church

the tree

from a mid pond rock

 …still learning


it glistens -

a snail 

just after the rain


out tonight

and you want to count stars

 - goosebumps on your arm

not quite dark

a heron overhead

in silhouette


evening coolness

the crisp and clean

barred owl


still dripping…

a rising moon


rain beaten field grass -

each of us

going our own way

sycamore carving

"joey loves marylou"

  - joey went to ‘Nam


from the popular vote

 -  waning moon

that old 

abandoned lake house

 -  wild, desperate roses

little white lies -

walking under

a near full moon


near full moon


in a duck’s wake


a duck’s wake…

a promise

into fruition