Back Roads Haiku

My back roads are unpaved, quiet, undeveloped, dusty in the summer and muddy in the spring. Walk along any of them and you are likely to see old family cemeteries, stone walls, streams, ponds, and a variety of flora and fauna. It's where I live, and the source of most of these haiku.

autumn winds

orchard fragrance

from her clothes


a horse’s head

at once up and alert

 - changing clouds


when I come back…

the rich, lasting hue

of autumn clover

late summer rain

with only a threadbare shirt

a smiling scarecrow 

sunday visitors

an apple slice

between thumb and blade


as autumn approaches… 

a quiet moon



one camp lantern competes

 - waning moon


this dragonfly

still young at summer’s end

…where to now?

where two streams meet…

maple leaves

beginning to turn


a warm, woolen blanket

cool orchard

through an open window


shorter days -

a few leaves

rest in the hammock

feeling tired -

through breezy leaves

the waxing moon


on the cusp

of autumn…

morning dew lingers


a child’s reach -


to evening stars

mugginess -

one pumpkin



distant thunder

a barely audible lullabye

to his grandchild


of a half moon

… oak leaves


herb garden 

in the dark…

the mint beneath our feet


night lake -

our moon 


familiar stream -

the cool bed sheets

that await me



strain to gaze 

at this last summer moon


what’s left

in a once rich garden… 

… bumping hips, walking home

open windows

on a still summer day

…a  vacant stare


moonlight finds it…

the neck 

of an empty wine bottle


bed time story 

a cricket…

so many stars

day moon -

getting change

at the farmer’s market


thinking back

withered wildflowers

in the guest room


she’s still ticklish, , , 

corn tassels tease

the clouds along

what it takes… 

the ease of a trout

facing the current


her laugh 

as we walk among

melancholic wildflowers



the first cool feel

of my pillow

a small field

all gone to goldenrod

- august sun setting

from deep 

within the milky way

…this evening coolness


that moon

it knows of autumn dew

on fading rose petals


when autumn comes

to follow the scent

to this orchard