Back Roads Haiku

My back roads are unpaved, quiet, undeveloped, dusty in the summer and muddy in the spring. Walk along any of them and you are likely to see old family cemeteries, stone walls, streams, ponds, and a variety of flora and fauna. It's where I live, and the source of most of these haiku.

together again -

autumn leaves molded

to an old stone wall

a little tired -

a tangled kite and its string

in the autumn wind



the thin soles

of these summer shoes


not the autumn rain…

the sadness

of drooping sunflowers

sharp edge

of the moon

…a cold night !


crowding to get in

or away

 - leaves against the gate


and I the teacher… 

oak leaves hanging

with maples bare


one drifting leaf

outside the hospice


autumn leaves

a white barn canvas

-  silent crows in flight


autumn stars -

a few aging faces

at the garden party

in a hardwood copse

a red, then yellow leaf drop

…then red again


his cows loose again… 

faded corn

against the dusk sky


a small stream

settled in

so deep into autumn

cloudless -

wet leaves

in a warming sun


morning dew

an abandoned web

so obvious


each apple that falls… 

counting the real friends

that I have

hallway window

on the way up

 - yellow moon


new open spaces

through a grand maple

a single birdsong


pumpkin vine

beyond the garden wall

 -  yellow moon

autumn moon

another leaf

from an old oak


a picture once

of geese in flight

through a moon like this



but here to see the moon

balanced on a pine

the wind carries away

our goodbyes

 - withered garden


autumn winds

school children scatter

onto the playground


morning orchard -


above the fog

reading the masters

just one more page

  -  autumn dusk


falling leaves -


paying off my debt


a near full moon 

and friends just leaving

 -  the warmth of wine

waxing moon

a summer bucket

on its side


sailing sway

those river leaves

…these autumn stars


cut out moon -

rain soaked leaves

pasted to my mailbox


getting older… 

the moon disappearing

behind clouds


autumn coolness -

a few lights

from this small village

crescent moon -

the subtle clicks

of falling leaves


yellowed cornstalks -

a farmer’s hands

in origami


maples reds

a lone crow

in a fashion statement

cloud shadow

on the foothills

… slowly in autumn



my childless home

 - distant falling leaves


early foliage -

her pose on a stone wall

against the maple

milkweed seeds -

drifting off

in a hammock


questions tonight

about faith

… new moon


autumn twilight

ink drawn crows

in silent flight